Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wednesday 13 January

There was more snow in London overnight and no gritting of pavements. One needs Nordic walking poles. Some colleagues took the last trains running into London and had almost no hope of getting home. Some had walked miles across snowy fields at 7am to reach stations.

We all attended a speech by Ed Miliband at work on onsite energy technologies. He said that while the world at Copenhagen was just talking about low carbon transition, we were doing it. He stood in front of the MCS banner and posed. I asked question about a biomass stove which can regulate heat (which Rayburn ranges may not be able to do?) using wood pellets. It would cost £6K fitted. Of course, if one could get the renewable heat incentive from 2011 or a grant that would be good. Here's hoping. It would have to be MCS certified though and there are no Rayburn or Aga type MCS boilers yet.

Paolo's service at NHS home went well. He was explaining a science fiction DVD he watched which he will show me tomorrow.

Dee rang from Australia to say that she has received my (or rather Priscilla Maurice's) book "Sickness, It Trials and Blessings" and thinks it is a classic. She could not stop saying how helpful it is for her own situation. She thinks we really should market it more widely - I needed some confirmation that others think it is relevant too. She says it should be available in libraries. She hopes to write a review for some newspapers and refer readers to buying the book through Amazon on which it is listed.

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