Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tuesday 12 January

I attended a standards meeting at The Conference Centre on micro hydro. They seemed very responsive. I got the MCS Chair to attend too and he arrived at about 12pm. Coming out of that I must make a presentation to local authorities on hydro locally.

I returned to a meeting with very senior staff about diversity and energy, as co Chair of the disability group. They seemed responsive on the need for outside communication with elderly and disabled. I had the most to say, as disability is the most relevant strand externally for energy issues.

A policy colleague from Susssex told me about ho he gets wood from a local estate to feed his Rayburn range and about his house in the middle of a remote wood, snowed in and how they are stuck due to lack of a landrover. Gideon took my advice on buying winter tyres, as his car is abandoned at the bottom of his hill in Huddersfield. I talked with Paolo who seems warm and busy in TW. He is meeting people from Anglican Church next week.

I continued online research on old Whitehall and John Thorpe, architect of Jacobean homes such as Mary Sidney's, Charlton House and the wonderful stately home that my brother stayed over New Year, Rushton.

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