Sunday, 17 January 2010

Thursday 14 January

Paolo emailed me about the Royal Brompton getting into Buddhism at its chaplaincy and we talked about a Christian alternative for those dying there. We discussed learning from the hospice movement. I started brief for Minister's Tutbury small scale community hydro visit and on other issues.

I returned to TW, after work on Thursday. Arrived in TW at about 7pm. Paolo in good health and warm with oil heater. We watched a good 2009 science fiction film he had seen the night before which he had been impressed by, with Nicholas Cage, called "Knowing". It was about the end of the world due to super sunflares, predicted by a mystic child. It is rather scary and tense in parts. I think it is coming out of the rapture movement in the US. I would recommend it. Very scary "angels". Ezekial's "wheels of fire" figure too.

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