Monday, 6 January 2014

The Gospel of John: a superb film

Last night, we watched our copy of the second part of a beautiful film, "The Gospel of John" (2003) a word for word text of NT from Visual Bible series. Hearing key Christian doctrines spoken word for word by the mouth of Jesus (actor) is refreshing. I feel I know him better as a result and when and how incidents in John's Gospel took place.

The facts fly in the face of those who hold that Jesus was permissive and that the gospel is just "love, love, love". Clearly love and caring are fundamental to Christianity but the true Jesus says to the religious leaders: "You have no love for God in your hearts : you will die in your sins!"  without a shred of political correctness. 

In my view, every Christian and church should use (and share) this great film. Anyone can concoct their own version of "Jesus" without evidence, even going against the evidence, but it is clear they will not get blessing, insight or salvation from doing this because He wants us to accept Him only as He is, as evidenced through His own words....

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