Friday, 3 January 2014

Predictions for 2014

Archbishop Cranmer, the famous blogger has predicted 2014  like this:
  • The UK will remain a full and compliant member of the EU 
  • UKIP will do very, very well in the Euro Elections  
  • There will be wars and rumours of war (especially in the Middle East).
  • Some Christians will leave the Middle East. 
  • The eurozone will experience further turbulence (but the moon won’t turn red). 
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will receive some bad press from The Times.
  • The Telegraph will prophesy division within the Church of England.
  • Pope Francis will satisfy some and disappoint others.
  • Scotland will vote 'No' in their referendum for independence.
  • Alex Salmond will declare "victory" for having secured further powers from Westminster.  
  • Ed Miliband will announce some new policies.
  • Some brave British troops will sadly die in Afghanistan.  
  • There will be a Royal engagement (for a wedding, that is; not to attend a function). 
  • Taxes will rise and people will die.
  • Some politicians will receive knighthoods.
  • So will some political donors.  
  • Jesus will not return, and the Government will remain upon David Cameron's shoulder.
To this I would add this:
  • Carers will go on caring and workers will go on working
  • Everyone will be very glad they were not alive in 1914, about which scores of TV programmes will be transmitted.
  • More people will get so entirely worn out or disillusioned with broken families, illness, low incomes, the coldness of humanism, "hard" and "celebrity" personalities that they will start thinking about finding God first hand through unconditional surrender to Christ and throwing their lot in with (friendly) committed believers.
  • The Trussell Trust will set up more food banks even in rich towns, to feed the poor
  • Fuel bills will continue to rise and more people will switch their heating on only in the evenings.
  • People with ME will continue to cling on, largely disbelieved, but incredibly valiant and "real". Some of them will draw their strength from a trustworthy God who can lead them to things that help them get better.  I will try to compile my "ME recipe book" for publication.
  • Believers and martyrs, internationally, will go to Heaven and meet God, receiving their reward
  • The Gospel and Scriptures will continue to spread with the aim of reaching the whole world, which is prophetically the event to trigger the Second Coming of Jesus, who many are already realising is the "only solution" and already desperately needed.
  • The Greats (Classics) will be rediscovered for their rationality by the few, combined by still fewer searchers finding Christian truth (Classics and Christianity being the traditional English "mix")
  • More people will pray for a great preacher of the true Gospel to appear.
  • Belusconi will avoid prison and the political right will reshape itself, while more and more Italians think about emigrating
  • Prince Charles will gain more popularity, for championing Christians in the Middle East
  • Sentieri Antici Valdesi will grow
  • There will be an archeological discovery which does not contradict the Bible 

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  1. Agree with many of these. Started reading the Aeneid in prose translation last week while at my sister's (1956 Penguin ed.). Recommended it to my niece Eveie (at Leeds Joint Honours History and English). She had never come across it. Hope she does read it, Even in translation it's powerful. Virgil's is a great 'founding myth' but clearly a work of fiction. The Bible is true. (I said that to Eveie). Hope she will read both.