Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nature Notes - March

We can now look out for: 

Boxing brown hares - known as Mad March Hares. These take part in boxing matches often in open fields appearing to “cuff” each other about the long ear or kick each other.  In fact, they are either “Jacks” males or “Jills” engaged in courtship, sparring between them or fighting off rivals.  So it is a pre-breeding, romantic if “rough love”.  One thinks about the mad march hare in “Alice in Wonderland”.

  • Adders and newts coming out of hibernation under rocks or compost heaps - worth noting so that one does not step on adders newly basking in sun.
  • Brimstone butterflies are the first yellowish butterflies of the year starting to fly.
  • Mute swans start making their nests.
  • Ash trees show strange buds which appear like blackberries but which become flowers.
  • Thorn starts to show leaves and flowers
  • Black and white spiders start to prowl
  • Daffodils start to bud....for Easter.

In season (therefore much cheaper to buy in March) is
Spring Green Cabbage

Spring green cabbage is nice with sausages, or stirred into chicken soups.  It can be an accompaniment to replace more expensive broccoli.

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