Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Clergy of St Paul's Cathedral

I am sharing my thoughts on the protest situation at St Paul's Cathedral:

Resigning from one's job, in the face of a real life situation, coming from real issues, facing lost, impoverished and confused people ("sheeple") is not a good witness to Christ. It is like the shepherd running off in the face of the ravening wolf. It says God is "not enough for me and the Church in this situation".

An orthodox and faithful St Paul's would have started immediate non-stop 24 hour prayer vigils, calling on all London churches to join it, like the Baptist Church in Romania, whose prayers and courage, toppled first a vicious dictator and then Eastern bloc Communism.

A spiritual St Paul's would have expected great answers from God to solve not only the local issue but also what is going fundamentally wrong with banking, which is not an industry that should make vast profits, since it does not make or produce anything, itself. I believe the problem in the UK is that we rely on banking as if it does make things, due to a shortage of real manufacturing.

Instead the Clergy still in jobs, look weary, perplexed, overwhelmed or politically motivated  (the Archbishop). Ruth Gledhill wrote the most hurtful piece in "The Times" about them. Actually, she went too far as liberal clergy are meditative types, not trained in politics. But they are trained, or should be, in more fundamental wisdom. Surely they know Christ's teaching about maintaining a separation between duties to God and to the State:

"Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's". 

This calls for prayer and total faith in His Guidance in testing times, not confidence in the failing flesh.

Faith and prayer are part of what we must give unto God in all testing situations.   This is the witness the Clergy were called to but they seem to have "run away".

The true quality of all lives shows up in the severe test. True believers know that the time of the "test" uncovers the shining faith that God has created in His people, first by dying for their sins on The Cross, and then by His faithfulness to them, over the years.

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