Friday, 29 July 2011

In Memoriam : John Stott

World famous Bible teacher Revd Dr John Stott, who died this week aged 90, retired a few years back from his beloved London and All Souls Langham Place. I wrote this in appreciation at the time.  

There are today already over 500 online tributes him, incredible stories from people his life touched from many nations. Bishop Ali Nazir was one of his "Langham  Scholars" funded by grants from his Langham Trust. His was a very wide international ministry. My own tribute has been published, around p3 or p4 of the John Stott Memorial Book here

It reads:

"John Stott was a great writer and a fascinating speaker. I heard him
many times and like others still remember many of his thoughts. He
drew on a fine, classically trained mind and on a deep interest in the
Bible, which almost magically infected others. He calmed the soul with
his reasonable and moderate approach to Scripture.

Through application and wrestling with the truth himself, he made Christianity
viable, in an impossible age. His influence created a “structure” in
which alienated people found God, flowered, grew, met similar spirits
and married or otherwise thrived, against all the odds. God used him
not just to preach the true Gospel but to make others’ lives “gel”.
Such influence was and continues to be a great work of the Holy

He was a "one man bible college" which I took full advantage off.  I feel a bit guilty that I did not give more to fund his mission, but I had my own mission to the disabled.

Who would not take this great gift of free knowledge, if offered. I bought most of his books. I have some of his tapes to listen to when old age sets in and I have time to look back to his "prime" and reminisce.

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