Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Echoes of "Titanic"?

Amanda Dowler (Milly Dowler) was an innocent thirteen year old English schoolgirl who got off a train one station early to buy some chips with her schoolfriends in Walton on Thames, on 21 March 2002.  Due to that innocent and seemingly inconsequential action, she tragically forfeited her life.

Her story, like that of so many other such innocents, could have ended there, but in her case, her very special life has had an unparalleled influence, which the most able, the most rich, the most blessed with a life's work behind them, could never equal. For Milly Dowler's life and death has almost brought down Rupert Murdoch, uncovered corrupt police and unveiled cowed politicians.  This is due to the utterly intrusive and far from innocent actions of those being paid by "The News of the World".

The utter callousness of hacking her phone has triggered an astonishing chain of events that has now closed the "News of the World" and it could still close "The Times". This  "Chain of Events"  is now on the verge of undermining Rupert Murdoch's worldwide empire.   

Thomas Hardy wrote a great poem about "fate", about the sinking of the proud Titanic which he saw as a slow and inevitable convergence of "unsinkable", proud Titanic and an iceberg.

In the same way, Murdoch and the News of the World have been slowly but surely converging with this 2002 event, for over 9 years, without any sense of its impending power. In the same way, God is creating "an iceberg" for all the proud.

Let Milly's memory endure.   I would support an avenue of elegant trees.


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