Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Humorous poem on Prince Philip

A Humorous Poem on Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 

to coincide with his Ninetieth Birthday

A list of consorts of our English Queens and Kings
Is not without those rejects, even royal marriage brings.
Catherine of Braganza brought us time for tea,
But Charles II, though kind, she was the last to see.
Anne of Cleves did not last long in Henry’s bed
But friendly, plain and wise, she kept her head.

But there are royal Consorts, whom history cannot forget
A list of darlings, whose charms a Monarch fed.
There’s Catherine of Valois whom Henry wooed
Whose hand and ‘bilbow’ a soldier’s love pursued.
Anne Boleyn may have lost her head
But still stands tall, her influence never dead.
Katharine Parr, risked a serious mortal date
But won a crown, a love, and mocked cruel Fate.
Beloved Albert, untarnished Prince of Arts
Founded buildings (albeit in the posher parts).
Queen Alexandra, the patient angel-Dane
Was definitely the glory of the Edwardian Reign.
Elizabeth, the wartime Queen of London’s Blitz
Parades forever, in umbrella and Forties fits.

The question is: will Philip, still in horse and trap,
Half Admiral of the Fleet, half cheeky chap,
True to his name in Greek*, and to his status,
Join the list of Consorts, ever to entertain us.
He may, indeed, as half a royal team,
Solid underneath, “My Rock”, according to the Queen.

But surely history still half laughing, readily admits   
He is the Prince of “Quips - and Slips”

* Philip in Greek means “horse lover”

A J Castellina
24 May 2011

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