Friday, 27 May 2011

"Giving places" back to people

I spent today exploring historically and geographically a lovely valley I see from the train going to London.  It is "near" to my life and imagination, too.

From this exercise, I've discovered that understanding hidden and little understood local history and in a sense, through the internet, giving its history of ancient woods, roads and ownership back to its people, expands one's connection with a place. If one had time to fully understand all the geographical places we know and love, how much more tenderly we would treat them. Local history is national history, played out in marriages, Wills and inheritances, roads, transport, buildings and people. For that reason, it has much 'resonance', which is another attraction of doing history locally. The results of my research today is this online article:

The History of South Frith is the History of England

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  1. What a thorough piece of work... You obviously love Kent. I could see you doing more of this eventually.