Thursday, 25 March 2010

David Cameron and Shakespeare's First Folio

I was thinking today that newspapers only record the 'unimportant' things. Underneath reality, there is a fascinating web of connections. In fact, I like nothing better than connecting people with either Shakespeare and/or Mary Sidney (woman poet, psalm translator, sister of Sir Philip Sidney and the inventor of English blank verse).

Today, I worked out that the writer Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke is our possible future Prime Minister (David Cameron's) great grandmother (X 12) , through Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke, to whom the "First Folio" of Shakespeare's plays was dedicated. Further back in time, he is descended from the guy who ran the country for the boy-king Edward VI (i.e. Earl of Northumberland responsible for the death of Lady Jane Grey). Further back still, he is descended from many of the titled characters in Shakespeare's history play, including the Welshman "Davy Gam", in Henry V. Who knows: you might be too.

The idea that William Shakespeare first Folio was dedicated to David Cameron's grandfather (X 11) is quite interesting. This Philip Herbert fought for Oliver Cromwell against the Royalists and King in the English Civil War, due to his Calvinist/Puritan leanings (like his mother and uncle). By doing so held onto his lands.

I hope Conservative David Cameron knows and remembers that. There is nothing like a bit of "balance".

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