Sunday, 17 January 2010

Thursday 7 January 2010

It snowed again last night but the scene from the kitchen was still stupendous. Clouds were coming up from Southborough valley, with ancient branches looming out of a mist. I saw two very unusual birds on the patio, eating berries which I later found out were field fares coming into gardens due to the snow. Fat "obese" robins all fluffed up to defend against the snow sat on the bushes or ate the neighbours nuts. Using binoculars one can see their tiny faces. I learnt about apparently "fat" birds on "Snow Watch" on BBC2 this week.

I set some words from Twelfth Night to the lovely tune "Tunbridge", which would end the play, if I direct the Pantile Players 'Shakespeare" in 2011.

After I declined a costly dinner out, Paolo wanted to take me out for tea in Tunbridge Wells, so we went down on our winter tyres to the Victoria Shoppping Centre. Paolo bought me a book on Pompeii for my birthday (which he can read too) and an Ordnance Survey map of our area clearly showing "Somerhill", Frances Walsingham's Jacobean "pile" at the top of our valley and the footpath from our house, to get to it.

When we reached the tea shop in the Victoria Shopping centre it was announced that whole shopping centre would close at 4.30pm. So we went back home and laid out my presents and cards, had tea from Italian Blue Spode cups and ate some gluten free chocolate cake together. I received some lovely plants from cousins and aunt in Sevenoaks for the garden, which should be arriving by delivery, beautifully chosen for semi-shade no doubt. Beautiful musical mats from Mon and from Chris a most beautiful set of pearls. They really suit me and look great on black. What a lovely birthday!

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