Sunday, 17 January 2010

Friday 8 January 2010

On annual leave again today, so Iam sorting out more curtains, colour schmes and doing more homecooking. I made another cushion. Paolo is compiling a book of the best hymns for his services, with the best tunes. A blizzard was forecast for Sunday. How to return to work?

I received an email from someone I hardly know here asking me for 700pds, supposedly from a Moscow Hotel. She claimed she had lost her purse and her documents to get home had been seized. Paolo said her account could not have been hacked into so I was slightly confused and a bit dismayed. I strung the exchange out, telling whoever it was to go to British Embassy and to examine their insurance. It was disturbing to think that it might be the real person, Vera. After about four emails, one of them demonstrating a faltering sense of grammar and that they thought Vera was a man, Vera herself emailed me to say that someone in Moscow had hacked into her account pretending to be her and asking for money. A scam - so it is possible to take over accounts on Yahoo. Worrying.

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