Saturday, 26 March 2016

Treasure of Piedmont

Piedmont formerly the Kingdom of Savoy, is not known for its high art, though it exists if one has strong mountains boots and knows where to look. Instead, it is the leading Italian region for wine and slow food. However, in Piedmont there are real artistic treasures, such as these wall paintings, near Cuneo, in the small chapel of San Bernardino, by Giovannia Mazzucco dating from 1488. Here is the Crucifixion, filled with life and pathos.

The eye is drawn to the communicative group bottom left, supporting the mother of Christ in her grief - the grief of a maternal love, at the death of a loving son. The look on the face of the lady in green, possible Mary Magdalene, is surely taken from real life. One can almost hear the noise of people muttering, pointing, anachronistically dressed as medieval knights.  The thief on the left seems to be blessed for having put his trust in the final promise of Christ that "Today you will be with me in Paradise".

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