Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Changing Diaries - poem

My husband has bought me an SPCK diary for the last three years. It has a lectionary, which gives the set Bible readings for each day, from the church calendar. Using a Kindle, I try to do these readings while commuting. He gave me a red one last night. I wrote a little seasonal poem today about "changing diaries" (below).  

My diary ends - the pages spent.
I’m struggling to make dates in Lent.
The dates fade out beyond New Year:
Just reminder pages, with jottings drear.

Atomic time so shapes our days:
Stars and planets do not rule our ways.
We do not grasp the tilting Globe -
An annoying sun strikes - like a strobe.

We’re not connected to the Seasons now.
Christmas does not rest our plough,
Provide a hearth, or homespun cheer,
A simple feast, a Presence near.

We live our days for earning wages -   
For writing notes on empty pages.
Our lives are measured out in names and places:
Not meaning, prayer and daily praises.

Alison Bailey (December 2015)

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