Sunday, 12 July 2015

Great Quote from Mrs Hardy on euthanasia

Here is a great quote on euthanasia:

The first wife of Thomas Hardy (died 1928) nee Emma Gifford, strongly supported the rights of the disabled and deplored the eugenic and euthanasia theories of Friedrich Nietzsche which she clearly foresaw: 

‘if carried out in their ruthless cruelty and folly, would be fatal to a community or nation, eliminating some of the bravest brains which are able to serve their centuries’. 

Emma was a keen Christian and Hardy mourned for her deeply, in his own way, after she died. He wrote famous poems about their first love, around 1913.  It seems that it was Emma who decided that Hardy should become a full-time writer. Emma foresaw the evil chain which led from Darwin and Nietsche to eugenics, euthanasia and Fascism. 

Fascism was driven by criminality based on usurping the right of God alone, to take the life which He alone had given. The drive for euthanasia today stems from the same root. Nietsche himself died insane. Admittedly, some of his ideas were manipulated by his Nazi sister Elisabeth to make them even more extreme than they had been originally, but Emma clearly caught their original 'drift'.

I founded the support group, Young ME, which became "The Tymes Trust" which has won the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. This charity works to support children and young people with the chronic illness, ME.  There have been publicised cases of a few young people who have taken their own lives. One case involved a young woman who was assisted in dying, by her mother.  

I have a website telling people how to alleviate their ME, as I did, which could help them reduce their suffering.

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