Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sermon on "Living in occupied territory"

Sermon by Rev Paolo Castellina on how Jesus Christ offers rescue for those living in "occupied territory" - with its  consequences -  a term in common parlance today.

By rebelling against God, the rightful Lord, this world has become a battlefield between "lords" that contend for domination over it. 

This situation has caused it to become a "territory" occupied by spiritual forces, which are usurpers devoted to the ruin and downfall of its inhabitants. God, however, resolved through His Christ, to recover what lawfully belongs to him. This text presents us with the beginning of the mission of Jesus Christ, the Messianic King foretold by the prophets, beginning from Galilee. His message is summed up in: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near". It is not an invitation, but the command of a Sovereign. So we see Him exercising His royal prerogatives and calling effectively His first disciples to follow him. His mission continues today, with undiminished efficacy and it will certainly be accomplished. Today we reflect on Matthew 4:12-23 considering all its consequences.

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