Sunday, 12 January 2014

14 things to do in 2014

I owe most of these suggestions to the Liz Earle magazine. I use her award winning botanical shampoo. Liz Earle comes top (in Which?) for cosmetics.

1. Redecorate a room, using mood boards at Pinterest to inspire you. Go to car boot sales and pick up thrown outs and repaint or cover it. Use mirrors, better than pictures to add sparkle.
2. Plan, make and plant your own vegetable patch and paint your shed as a garden office and watch things grow.
3. Get a fountain pen and enter recipes in your personal book in black ink.  It is an heirloom in the making.

4. Start a blog, mastering the art of adding photos.
5. Learn a language seriously: 20 minutes a day keeping a vocabulary book just as at school.
6. Do a personal make-over as simple as getting an expensive soft eyeliner or special eye shadow, or tinting your (greying) hair
7. Sew - I am just making a bag to carry around at work to take my mobile phone
8. Read a classic novel. Reading can reduce stress by up to 60%, so turn off the TV and internet now and then.
9. Learn a musical instrument, either the one your always wanted to learn or one you pick up in a second hand shop.
10. Clear out your wardrobe or remake items in it you do not wear.  Sell what you have not worn in the last year and put the money to work on new clothes
11. Create your own sport and do it. It could be just just stretching to music or walking with Nordic walking poles but think of it as your own.
12. Take a calligraphy class. Send your own handwritten letters and write your own texts for framing.
13. Visit a new county or region of your own country. Tick them off your list.
14. Dance : ballet, jazz, ballroom or listen to dance music at home.
15. Expand your tastes in food. Master foods through a book like DK's Cooks Ingredients and eat a new food, herb, vegetable each week:


  1. Excellent. My resolution is to join the drop-in crafters sessions at our local coffee shop Oh My...! where we enjoy our Saturday coffees with my bro-in-law. He visits us when he can fit us in with Fulham's home games and travels from Merseyside for the footie.

    1. Yes! The day of handcrafting and homemade self sufficiency has returned, at last. I am working on a recipe book on healing foods for chronic illness and planning to plant kale in July in raised beds. Also "finnochio" which apparently grows well. Fennel. Other chosen plantings are salad trays, strawberries, wild strawberries and patio fruit trees. Hope your allotment continues to "deliver the goods" this year.