Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Resolution : poem

Today, the indwelling Holy Spirit has the power to renew the heart, preserve standards and virtues, create essentially "new people" who are salt and light to maintain Truth in a world fast going "off". One reason why people today cannot identify how sin is considered by God (as in story by Daphne du Marier about a vicar which I reviewed below) is that they do not hear the Bible preached, or fully understand it. Hence "Read the Bible" and "Listen to Sermons" would be the wisest New Year Resolution. I've made that one already and try to adhere, hence this poem.

New Year Resolution
Always keep your heart a garden,
Free of weeds and rank decay.
Perfumed blossom, neatly tended,
Always sunblest, always May.

"May" from Book of Hours (wikipedia)

Always keep your mind a garden
Free of envy, lust and greed.
Work it with the Spirit’s tending
Extirpate carnality.

French potager (Wikipedia)

If you keep your soul a garden
Justice, honour, truth supreme.
What bur can ever stick upon you?
What slur for that which has not been?

Alison Bailey Castellina 2013

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