Friday, 27 December 2013

Making homemade Christmas presents

Making Christmas presents by hand is excellent for developing one's skills.   One steps out of a routine to create. As with the exercise of putting men on the moon, creative spin-offs from Christmas must be endless. But is it worth it?

When it comes to Christmas presents, it is hard to make anything convincing. Some people react as if they should not equally value a handmade gift, when in fact they should value it more, as it comes with personal thought, and time.  Making chocolate truffles is a nice Christmas gift, but there are those who are fastidious about food hygiene who may not be impressed!

This year, I spotted something for female family and friends, in early December.  I noted a shop fashion for fur headbands, marketing at around £14 each. They seemed simple to make so I tried making a prototype. It did not wash well. I found that some brands of cheaper fur mats up, when washed.

I narrowed the choice of fur to something thicker. Before finally selecting a fur, I tested it by washing it and it came out unscathed.  So I made thirty individual pieces, while watching TV in the evenings after work. It took me two weeks, as I work full-time.  Happily, I enjoy creating things with a needle.

The furry mobile phone holder (left) seemed the most novel and was given to a nine year old.  I am delighted that one relative is wearing her headband and scarf for New Year Fireworks at Edinburgh Castle.

I have christened my fur range "Interglacial Wear". 

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