Saturday, 21 September 2013

Empty Way of life of our ancestors

While my husband has been writing a sermon, I have been investigating my Victorian and Edwardian family roots. I've been finding that no one in one branch of my family had any contact with church after 1830.  They became "worldly" wanting more, wanting money, wanting the world.

The two activities came together last night when my husband preached this sermon "Two Ways of Thinking", at our international link-up with the faithful in Val Pellice (The Waldensians, Valdesi, Vaudois).

He is particularly good at reconstructing likely conversations between Jesus and His disciples, which I really enjoy - like reading a novel. Much else of what he said struck me as crucial, but one line he quoted from the Bible really astonished me. It is absolutely on the mark!

It is taken from Peter - and tells about the need to repudiate

"the empty way of life handed down by our (unbelieving) ancestors".....

Two Ways of Thinking, Rev Paolo Castellina, 20 September 2013


  1. I agree. Yes, it is true. Mine stayed within Methodism longer but lost their confidence in the supremacy of Christ. The First World War wrought great devastation. Be glad for whatever good they achieved. Now we have to pass the saving news on faithfully to the generations that follow us. Blessings. AG

    1. Just spotted this comment. I think people were putting their faith in wealth ad education being the answer to everything....and of course they are not, and they are not going to last either. Spiritually, that might be a good thing as it will stop people relying on themselves.