Monday, 15 April 2013

Propagating an African Violet found in the rubbish bin

A white African violet was fine indoors during the winter but it had wilted and died recently. It ended up in the rubbish bin.

I just noticed that it still has a few healthy leaves still visible (below).  Can I get a couple of new plants out of it?  Trial and error is the best method for propagators. I am using the leaf cutting method, which works for some African violets. If it does not work, then this was the wrong variety, probably.

                                           African violet in rubbish bin
I cut off the leaf bearing shoot near to its base and planted in small container with coir, well watered as shown:

                                          Leaf cuttings in coir

Since I lack a propagator, I have placed the two cuttings inside a plastic food bags (no holes) and fixed with food secure clips. The purpose is to keep the moisture in, while the cutting roots.  This is the method that many gardeners use, but, usually, they use a rubber band to secure the plastic bag,  rather than a food clip. A food clip is easier to undo.

I am placing cutting in sunny spot, but not in direct sunshine. It is worth keeping moisture topped up, now and then. If I works I will be amazed and pleased!

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