Thursday, 7 February 2013

Voting analysis of women MPs

Same Sex Marriage Bill (First reading) : How did women MPs vote?

There are 648 MPs in the House of Commons.  Of these 502 are men and 146 are women.  All 148 women MPs voted on Tuesday relating to same sex marriage (First Reading of the Bill).

131 women MPs voted for same sex marriage and 15 women MPs voted against. 

The majority of the Conservative Party voted against the Bill but the number of women Conservative MPs for the Bill compared with women Conservatives MPs against the Bill was 2:1. Hence, the women Conservative MPs did not reflect their male counterparts' voting decisions - in a marked way.   Overall women-s votes did not mirror male voting.

Notably, the only woman Lib Dem to vote against seems to have been Sarah Teather (MA Cantab) - but there are few women Lib Dem MPs (just 7).


Conservative women 11
Labour women 1 (Mary Glindon)
Liberal Democrat women 1 (Sarah Teather)
Other 2



Conservative women 21
Labour women 71
Liberal women 2


There are 48 women Tory MPs, 81 women Labour MPs and 7 women Lib Dem MPs.

(This analysis may be slightly inaccurate - please do not quote, without checking the numbers independently)

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