Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of the World and Prophecy

The Westernised Mayan “prediction” about the end of the world today at 11.21am Greenwich Mean Time, is not based on any clear text in their glyphs. It is really astonishing to me that no one is evaluating this idea, putting it in the context of the reliability of other Mayan predictions and their historical record.

To be believed, "prophets" needs a convincing track record. Why else should anyone credit them? People are not prophets because they are great mathematicians. Indeed, the opposite is true - prophecy is about divine revelation not about rational calculation.

The Wise Men (astrologers) saw signs in the Heavens and from them prophesied that a King was being born. Jesus accurately predicted impossible-to-guess events:

a) His crucifixion and Resurrection
b) the downfall of the Temple as a building
c) the Fall of Jerusalem.

The Old Testament accurately prophesied numerous events which take place within its own pages. Isaiah 53 offers a minutely accurate description of the death Jesus would die on the Cross (down to the sharing of His clothes). There are numerous predictions about Judgement Day and His Coming. There is also a prediction about the Fall and perpetual ruin of Babylon, predicting it would be peopled by owls, which today, it is.
There are other prophecies about the devastation of the earth in Isaiah 24, which have clearly not taken place yet. In fact, a lot of the Bible is prophecy about future events.  It is strange that no one mentions that in this context.I would also remind the faithful that Jesus said that:

“But of that day or that hour knoweth no one, not even the angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is."  

No one should be looking for dates or times but for “signs”, such as stormy seas, family breakdown and total loss of family feeling, increasing numbers of earthquakes, general apostacy, the falling away of many, the standing of the elect, the AntiChrist.  We do seem to have many of these things happening today, though I think we would have been aware of the dreaded AntiChrist through his severe persecuting work of the Elect. Having said that, there are many places in the world today where, dreadfully, actions typical of the AntiChrist are indeed happening. Jesus does not know the date of the Last Day and therefore no one on earth should try to predict it. Only God the Father knows the date.

In some predictions, in the New Testament, the Last Day will come while people are marrying and being given in marriage i.e. out of nowhere. If, by some extraordinary co-incidence, this were today, then Jesus teaches that as ever, we should wait as the wise virgins, in a state of full repentance patiently looking forward to His Second Coming and the end of this doomed world. 

The earth is doomed - due to the depravity of human sin....

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