Monday, 27 August 2012

The Hidden Door on the Eiger

I watched an interesting documentary on climbing the North Face of the Eiger in the Alps over weekend.  Most people will know that the Eiger 's North Face is a very dangerous climb, even for experienced mountaineers.  Sir Chris Bonnington made his name climbing it. In the first 12 attempts to climb it, 14 climbers died. At one time, in the 30s the Swiss tried to stop anyone climbing iit, without success.

Its North Face is a mile high. The route up it is configured in a very complex way. The Face is also concave so you climb at a tilted angle - backwards. The unlucky, at sub zero temperatures, can see sunny meadows and people walking unperturbed below - while hanging off the frozen face on a rope - facing certain death.  

But incredibly, there is a hidden door in the North Face which leads to calm and safety.  A railway line was built inside the Eiger and there is “a door” out of which the workers threw rubble from the tunnel, down the North Face.  Climbers can locate it under the snow and escape from a desperate situation. One minute, they may be facing certain death from cold and then suddenly “the magic door” opens and they escape into another warmer world.

I see some "faith experiences" a bit like that: one moment, you can be dangling at the end of a rope off a concave vertical face of rock, uttering what you think is your last prayer to a God who seems to have forgotten you. 

Then a “hidden door” opens in the rock face and you swing through it - to safety and another contrasting place of comfort and calm. 

For those hanging onto the rope and faith - this "Hidden Door" will open for you. The timing is His.  All that is required is full trust and confidence that He can do it, and, of course, patience.....


  1. Just watched same thing - hidden door fascinates me

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