Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wales, beauty, culture and Rev R S Thomas

This link does not mention Shakespeare - but it does discuss the poetry of R S Thomas.

I was impressed by R S Thomas's poetry at school, without knowing that he was a clergyman.

We went to North Wales for a holiday and I came back "blown away" by the place and by the "Thomas message" about "The Machine" :  the urgent need to repair the damage we have done to ourselves and to Nature.

I describe, with some photos, this experience on this link 


  1. Hi Annis

    I thought this was lovely. Seriously, have you ever considered travel writing? Particularly as you illustrate with your own photographs.
    We love Wales too. This year we are hoping to stay in a friend's house in Carlisle. I like that wide 'arc' down from the Solway firth, through Lakeland and Lancashire down to the North Wales coast. Reputedly you can see the Isle of Man from St Ninian's.
    Best wishes. Alison G

  2. I would like to collect together my various tours into a book. All are Christian-inspired and turn up hidden gems.

    I hear the Isle of Man is beautiful. My advice is seek out poets, writers, gardeners, sculptors and artists who have valued the past, adorned their present and shaped the future and cherish them. They add somthing intangible and wonderful to any tour. One can borrow ideas from them to adorn one's own present. Do hope weather improves for you. We were lucky in that it did not rain....except one day. The cottage we stayed in in Wales was superb. I can give you the details if you are interested.