Thursday, 10 May 2012

God's creatures and a "speaking" blue tit

We have a bird feeder in our furthest garden which is a good distance from our house. During the snow, last winter, I walked to the garden about three times with bags of nuts to refill the feeder. I never suspected that I was being watched by "intelligent beings".

About two months ago, I was sitting in a meeting with some high earning women -  talking about disability issues. If anyone wants to know what some rather sophisticated women talk about in private, I can tell them: "pussies and doggies". It is the female version of football. I myself coined this expression when I had supper at high table at Oxford University, once. The conversation of the female dons (lecturers) was, to my slight surprise, not about current affairs, ideas or books - but about beloved companions - pets.

We were all asked to say something about ourselves and "pussy and doggie talk" started. I co-operated. So when it came to my turn, I said "Think I am mad - but I think our garden birds are looking in the windows asking me to feed them".  Of course, I did not believe it but I had sensed something. We all laughed and I pretended I was joking....

But two days ago, a blue tit did precisely that!  I was at the kitchen sink around 7.45pm. It had been raining all day. Insects don't fly in rain, so maybe birds cannot eat in the rain.  Suddenly, l was aware of a "spiritual" communication from a tiny blue tit sitting on the nearby fence which was looking in at me.

I dismissed the idea. But then the tit paraded up and down along the fence looking at me. Then, it launched itself into the towards me air, fluttering like a humming bird mid-air for several seconds, staring in. Then it landed on the window sill, to my total astonishment, still looking in - and put it head on one side. Was this normal? It felt rather like something from Walt Disney. (Answers from birdwatchers most welcome)

I gulped. The fearless tit had communicated directly with me using movement, saying  "Please refill the bird feeder".  How clever blue tits are - and masterful!  I have now refilled the table.

Some people report being touched by a bird, like God's messenger, communicating at a moment of spiritual need. God can use all his winged creatures to speak to us.

Shakespeare wrote "God moves in all His creatures". So if all else fails, God will cheer you - possibly using a "speaking bird".


  1. We have now are classified as the pretty pleased owners of your utility sink all over again. The best thing concerning the entire challenge was the actual cleaning, that i didn't should want to do inside the downstairs rest room kitchen sink.

  2. Hi Annis

    We seem to connect to robins. The other day we were gardening for some folk who own two cats. The robin came very close to us as long as the cats were in the house. I think it sensed it was safe...

    1. I agree - they see us as protectors. As a gardener - they identify with you. Birds are possibly also "gardeners"- in their own way - eating worms and insects which eat our plants?