Thursday, 23 February 2012

The price of dust - to pocket and soul

I attended the imposition of ashes service last night which starts Lent and includes the marking of one's forehead with ash from burnt Palm crosses by the vicar with the stunning words

"Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.  Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ".

I came out walking on air, partly because "something moves" the heart and soul in the traditional service : it is something about repentance being at the heart of Christian faith.

Dust is a very good thing to think about on the day that  Church leaders have said that reducing carbon emission is now an integral part of Christian discipleship.  This may indeed lead more churches to consider their carbon footprint, do more insulation and tackle their ever-spiralling energy bills. Some churches, such as those in Oxford Diocese, are already installing biomass, but the ideal is this: install a mini district heating system and sell heat to your neighbours using your land space and storage space. This would not only encourage others, but put churches back at the heart of communities of neighbours. It would also save a lot of polluting "dust".

See information for churches on renewables here 
See DECC's "Community Energy Online Portal" here

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