Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Anarchic Nights

The atmosphere in London due to the rioting on the night of 8 August was unusual.  Colleagues who live in affected areas of London understandably showed signs of real nervousness all day. The population's astonishment as the level of violence is almost palpable.  Commuters who live outside London breathed easier as the train reached the countryside.

Even I reached home to find our rural kitchen window had been pelted with eggs.  We saw some youngsters in the wood so I instinctively went to talk to them.  They did not seem to be the culprits. They were well behaved, respectful and articulate but talked about a "mad" boy they knew "preparing for the rioting in Maidstone" in Kent.  It is a tiny minority of young people causing this mayhem.

However, even outside London, we are checking our insurance policies for attacks from child vandals.

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