Thursday, 14 April 2011

Crossroads in Europe

I have a strong sense that people in Europe have reached a kind of crossroads. They sense that secular culture has come to a sort of "full stop".  People are wanting something different, less material, more imaginative.

What else could explain seventy five people wanting to be guided around a non-existent Tudor Palace, in London, once called "Whitehall Palace"?  As the organiser, I have warned them that there are no rooms to see but they are not put off. They are happy to see old prints and to hear a narrative.

I have considered this. Have people, and "people" includes me, had enough of over-dramatized media versions of history on TV or perfect romantic re-enactments of the past? Are they fed up with manipulation?

Perhaps now we all want just the imagination?  We want to see with our mind's rich eye, for the mind's eye is fed with spiritual, rational and imagined thoughts, borne on well-chosen words.

Let's hope Europe starts to rediscover its soul now that people realize the  godless, material alternative is not just a dead-end but simply too vapid to be worthy of any attention.

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