Sunday, 27 March 2011

Moved by the discovery of the Pool of Siloam

If anyone is interested in assessing hard archeological evidence for the Bible which is being misinterpreted or suppressed by the atheist lobby which is attempting to disprove its veracity, they need look no further than this film (link at and below). The lecture, by a PhD archeologist, casts into question the conclusions of atheist academics in the US, Israel and Oxford scholars such as Kathleen Kenyon who devoted her life to trying to prove that Jericho's walls never tumbled down.  The BBC seems to be supporting their ideological agenda too with recent programmes on "God the husband of Asherah" which are simply nonsensical.

It is said that an "adulterous generation seeks signs and wonders" but this morning, being Sunday, I watched this film, admittedly awe-struck.  It concerns  archeologists with "the Bible in one hand" and their tools in the other uncovering archeological evidence for Bible stories, including the ancient Jewish altars with bones of prescribed animals, the site of Shiloh, ancient texts proving the House of David, Rahab's window and David's Palace. 

I was particularly moved by the identification, in 2004, of the authentic large "Pool of Siloam" in Jerusalem (one has to watch the link for 50 mins or so to see this fascinating tale). Non-sceptical archeologists uncovered the real Pool of Siloam, where we are told, thousands were baptised  The site (now an olive grove) belongs to the Anglican Church who one hopes are not so liberally sceptical themselves as not to allow an archeological dig there. 

Using the Bible's descriptions, Christian archeologists, in 2006, found the perfectly intact stairs that ran down to the Pool, from the Temple Mount, through the guidance in the Biblical text.  They knocked though a thin wall to find a perfect staircase, and under it, the sewer in which 3000 Jews hid at the time of the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. Other steps still running down to the Pool's site are the very ones Jesus walked on. We also see the very site of the "Gate Beautiful" where the beggar was healed, filled in by Helena, the mother of Augustine, who also seems also to have almost destroyed the now discovered tombs of King David and Solomon.

Equally astonishing is the discovery of the Tower of Siloam's fallen stones.  As one recalls, Jesus was asked about whether eighteen people killed by its collapse were "worse than other people".  He said they were not because we are all under Judgment.

It makes places in the Bible come alive. You can see the whole film at:

If you have no time to view the link, there are article on the newly discovered Siloam Pool discovery and the hidden staircase at:  and at :

For a Israeli government website on these authentic finds see:

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