Friday, 3 December 2010

Finding a real hero

When one writes one preserves the best part of oneself. But if the writer is an outstanding human being, one proclaimed as a "hero" in after centuries by all parties, such as William Wilberforce the effect of a writer can be really stunning. Writing amplifies a true hero's legacy and his or her life and mind becomes a gift to unborn generations, too.

William Wilberforce's powerful influence transformed the shabby morality of his age and ended the evil slave trade. In addition to this, he shared his inner thoughts and voice in fine books. It is difficult to describe my feelings on finding Wilberforce's book attached.

Finding oneself is partly about finding similar but vastly superior (kindred) spirits. This is what has happened to me on finding this precious Google book. So much of what Wilberforce clearly states, I have half felt. Here is Wilberforce's own fine analysis of his morally destitute age, but his modernized words apply equally dramatically to our own. See:

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