Monday, 8 November 2010

Psychological warfare waged on girls and women

We are living in a world so full of artifice and amoral deceit that it is making some people ill before they have had a chance to change it. It is even killing innocent children. Recently, it was claimed that a 12 year old girl died in her father's arms from asthma or a heart attack, after being taunted for not being "sexual" enough.

The link between Freud's over-sexualized worldview and Nazi propaganda techniques is a toxic combination. It has been proved that stick-thin, glamorous women sell things and support the "market" (people buying things they do not need). But it is not widely realized, however, that some of Hitler's propagandists went to the US after the war and helped to found the art of advertising. Advertising is a form of "propaganda" or brainwashing to create "consumers". (See the book "The Consuming Self").

An excellent Girl Guides' video explains how photos of young women are airbrushed to give them impossibly perfect figures, using computer technology. The aim is to sell clothes or make-up. But it is putting unbearable pressure on girls to achieve a perfection that does not exist. A huge proportion of teenage girls want or have had plastic surgery, before they are twenty. This is one outcome of the "lie" - which is that anything but visual perfection is worthless. See

TV and film are the ultimate artifice. In film, ever angle is "story boarded" in advance. On TV, almost every word is scripted. Every sound bite is the product of media spin doctors. Every female face must be wrinkle free. Every voice must be modulated. It is a world almost completely devoid of real people. Education, reading and theology help to free people from the lie.

The New Testament promises complete freedom from the power of the Enemy, known as "the deceiver". Young children should be given the tools to say "That is not true. That is a travesty of truth".

If the innocent 12 year struggling with a disability had been able to unpick her peers' presuppositions with a few well-aimed "one-liners", she might be alive today. But the powers ranged against her were enormous, and without mercy. Brainwashing the population is a billion dollar/pound operation, not dissimilar to waging wartime psychological warfare (psy-ops) on the masses. Here is a response for the school bullies:

"Advertisers use false air-brushed women to brainwash easy-to-manipulate people like you, to buy things you do not need, to put you in debt, to make you a slave to credit card interest".

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