Friday, 20 August 2010

The Book of Destiny (2)

I've already blogged on Shakespeare and his idea about "dropping The Book of Destiny" in shock at what happens in our lives. Here is more.

In the play, "Thomas More", literary critics are sure that certain lines including these below, were written by Shakespeare and even if they are not, they are worth quoting:

"It is in heaven that I am thus and thus,
And that which we profanely term "our fortunes"
Is the provision of the power above
Fitted and shaped just to that strength of nature
Which we are born with...."

The poet is saying this:

The reason why we are made as we individually are is in God's control, not ours. What we think of as "good luck" or "fortune" in our lives, is simply God organizing our lives so that its circumstances are suited to the amount of natural strength in our souls, characters and bodies (which is determined in our genes, God's creation, to bring about what He determines, in and through us).

If we implemented this belief, which for me is truth, we would organize a society of such superiority that it would be the envy of the world. It would not be a cold and heartless secular meritocracy, for it would:

a) focus less on "equality" of opportunity and more carefully match opportunities to strengths and skills
b) build the weak and expect different things from different people but value all people and their achievements equally
c) respect deserving weakness as "God-givenness" not failure
d) work to ensure that circumstances match innate strength (so that none were pushed too far)
e) bring down the ungrateful strong and powerful from their seats of arrogance as everyone would know that God had given them strength, money, fortune (and that they had not thanked their benefactor)
f) actively campaign against envy, and class envy- which would be despised, not celebrated.

This society would be "bigger" in every way. It would outlaw weeping at funerals at the song "I did it my way". Instead, people would prefer a song such as

"I did the best I could with what God graciously gave me and all the glory is due to Him".

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