Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Beautiful Island Home

What must those poor stranded tourists, business people, pensioners, children, middle aged, old and young with their blank and unbelieving expressions be feeling about "this England" in the discomfort of foreign airports across the world? The longing to be home, here in England now, must be overwhelming them.

Money worries must be making some sleepless. Others must regret the day they booked their loved ones onto their April tour. "Oh to be in England, now that Spring is here". Tonight, some will lay their weary bodies on the marble floors of airports, with no assurances that their native land will repatriate them, before they are bankrupt or mentally ill with stress.

We must pray for their rescue in all ways. Some are worrying about their business, their solvency, their property and their job. Some are worried about someone they are caring for at home. Some will be distressed about pets. Some are fighting illnesses and disabilities. Some are missing school lessons which they will never make up for.

The problem is that that their "home" is an island fortress, which in times of war is a God given defence against evil, but in times of Icelandic volcanic eruptions is still impregnable.

Shakespeare painted the glories of our "Christian" island home in a wonderful image in his little known play "King John", where Salisbury laments the idea that England could be invaded:

".......................O nation, that thou couldst remove.
That Neptune's arms, who clippeth thee about,
Would bear thee from the knowledge of thyself
And grapple thee unto a pagan shore".

Salisbury envisages the horror of the pagan Sea God, Neptune, usually the protective husband of this island, carrying her off to grapple (graft) her to another "alien" country in Europe.

This week, her husband, the sea or "Neptune" has not protected her transport systems from the awesome power of volcanic Norse Goddess, Erda, Mother Nature.

Goodness knows what will happen if her twin, the major Islandic volcano "Katla" (literally "The Dragon") erupts too, which is likely. We have no leaders in place to think or care about it, either.

This situation is "mythological...".

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