Monday, 26 April 2010

Apology from the British people

This is a personal apology to any Italian readers about a memo to the Prime Minister's office from the "Papal Visit Planning Team" on the proposed Papal visit to Britain from the UK Foreign Office. It talks about about how The Pope (who was invited by Gordon Brown) should open "abortion clinics" etc etc.

Its sentiments are utterly unworthy of the British people. It is not characteristic of Whitehall either, which, on the whole, is perfectly diplomatic and sane. It is repudiated by the vast majority of thinking British people. It reflects a vulgarity in the young, including, clearly some new graduates of Oxford, many of whom think that life is one long, drunken adolescence.

This is another example of the gratuitous double standards being expressed in public in the UK about Christianity in relation to other religions. Imagine saying such things about other major world religions and getting away with it?

Our local prospective MP has told us that current legal actions against Christian wearing crosses and expressing their faith in public come out of a misunderstanding by misinformed company and local authority legal advisers of the possible effects of European law on UK law. He says that what we need is clearer British law (Bill of Rights) so that "silly actions" against Christians who have the right to express their beliefs do not take place in the first place (and ruin the livelihoods of believers). Those Christian couples who have finally won in court are, we are told, now facing bankruptcy.

The problem really goes much deeper than that. Fundmental atheist and arch rationalist Richard Dawkins has clearly produced a whole generation of immature, callow, shallow and thoughtless "disciples" intent on exterminating the Church. As if "reason" is the only light we need to steer our lives by! With just "reason", we too will quickly end up like these callow youths in the Foreign Office.

A word of wisdom to the young, if any are reading this. In trying to tear down the Church and respect for Christians and their faith, you will tear your own soul, irreparably. You will soon stop feeling beauty. You will hear music and feel unmoved. You will see a wonderful sunset and be cold. You will sour your soul. You will stop feeling pleasure in innocence, love, children and loyalty. Finally, you will incur eternal wrath because part of that dire destiny is delivered in response to what aggressors have done to Christian believers, which includes those sincere true followers of Christ within the Catholic Church.

Communist China and Russia and all Christian history demonstrates that "the blood of the Church is the seed of the martyrs". In other words, the true Church is refined and restored, thrives and survives on opposition. But the fact remains, that it is at great cost - for the souls of perpetrators.

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