Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday 8 February

Why is life so full of "chores". Have you ever wondered? Bills, monthly direct debits, bank statements supermarkets, building maintenance, pension contributions (or worry about not contributing), arrangements just to survive each day, month and year. This "wear and tear" in our complex lives often makes us too tired to do the things we really feel made to do. So what are we doing through these "chores"? Are they really so "mundane"? What is this "project" we are engaged in? There is that story of the man who went to a quarry and found three stonecutters. He asked them what they were doing. The first said "I am earning a living". The second said "I am cutting a stone" but the third said "I am building a cathedral". If we were to see everything we do in a wider light, in the light of the years, the decades, as making "the 21st century" for future generations, we would do many things we find a burden, or "yet another thing to do" in the day, with real excitement and joy.

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