Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday January 26th

Not everything is bad news. Two pieces of good news to act as sparks of "light" amid the rising and dark (moral) waters into which our global society seems to be sinking .

First: a Bill to stop Churches being forced to employ people who do not believe in God at all (e.g."new atheists") was defeated last night in the House of Lords. This is a victory for freedom of religion against "human rights" acting negatively on areas of life the concept was not designed for.

Second, a story concerning the last person to be pulled alive from the rubble of Haiti, a young man. His story was so astonishing I recall it. He had been for ten days buried alive under the rubble and knew he could not go on, but clearly he was having a mighty spiritual struggle over it. On the tenth day, he suddenly found a box of coca cola and some crisps and said to himself "I can live one more day". Then , he made a bargain with God. he said "If you get me out alive, God, I will give my life to you". Lo and behold, almost immediately the rescuers found him and putting gloves on him, they pulled him out through a tiny tunnel - to tell this story. This man came up out of "hell" and his first words effectively were "God did it". I am sure he will keep his side of the bargain.....

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