Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday 17 January

We attended morning worship at Tonbridge Baptist Church which has alrady given two thousand pounds to Haiti. After lunch, we took a trip to Penshurst, the seat of the Sidneys, where the River Medway is in full flood. We saw the sale at Penshurst gift shop and Church in the welcome sunshine. Paolo bought for me Mary Sidney's complete Psalms (OUP) and I later found out the secret of the Hebrew Psalms from the introduction (as they were not written in Hebrew metre as poems). We found out in the gift shop that an annual season ticket for Penshust Place gardens for 2 costs 40pds and includes 2 tickets to the house too. With this, one could treat the Penshurst estate, woods and gardens (and restaurant) adored by Ben Jonson in "Penshurst" his great poem as one's own. On a summer's day wandering the estate freely or sitting in the Italian garden with a few refreshments would be nice. See link here for Ben Jonson's great poem "Penshurst".

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