Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday 10 January

We went to "King Charles" the traditional Anglican Church, to a warm welcome. The Scottish Prebyterian Minister who lives near us, who invited us to lunch over Christmas preached in his full gown which fascinated Paolo, as it is just like his gown. We were all comparing Nordic walking poles in church. At coffee afterwards in the church hall, we sat with a very charming woman, who is very keen on Lidl in Crowborough which has clothes as well as food. This is "old England" we all remember it - such nice people. The charming, Cambridge educated vicar talked with Paolo about the other churches in the area and invited him along to some clergy events. I talked to him and he pointed out that possible future Secretary of State for Energy is a member.

I cooked quails from Lidl for lunch - different to chicken. Then Paolo took me to Tonbridge Station. I arrived in London which was about minus 7 at around 5pm.

I watched Ken Branagh's Wallander on TV which I really like because of the Swedish interiors and scenery, though I think I liked the Swedish actor for Wallander better for some reason I cannot put my finger on. It was so sad about the Swedish actress of Linda Wallander who committed suicide partly due to being involved in the Thailand tsunami.

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