Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday 18 January

The situation on Haiti is haunting. There are some areas in this world which really should not be permanently inhabited, such as the slopes of Vesuvius, near Mount Etna, anywhere near Krakatoa and clearly Haiti. The platelets which cause earthquakes are necessary and need "space". Was its instability the reason why that part of Haiti remained in the possession of former black slaves, who had enough innate tribal aggression to throw off their colonialist masters and set up a republic? The planet needs "space" to let off steam too! So there must be advanced early warning systems, earthquake-proof buildings rather like Japan. Los Angeles take heed.... The damage to memories by being in such a disaster zone is ongoing. People remain traumatized and in need of prayer to recover. Again, I mention the nice Swedish Linda in "Wallander" who experienced the tsunami first hand. She never recovered and eventually took her life. I just had some news about the strong sister of a friend who is gravely ill. She drove a lorry saving orphans in Romania in the 1980s. Apparent disaster, trial and illness is sent to test the bravest, humblest and strongest. Our response as believers is to say "Even in this, He is walking alongside me". So, too, in Haiti. He is there, with those who call on Him and really want to trust in Him.

I found it slightly uncanny today, seeing Prince William on TV, holding kiwis, dressed up as a Maori chief in NZ, making speeches. It was almost as if Princess Diana had come back as a man but was doing more substantial things, like supporting the legal system. I really hope that the hysteria that dispatched his mother does not assail him. Wisely, he is doing his best to counteract it by looking as if he had just crawled out of bed most of the time. William: keep crazy English royal idolatry ever in check!

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